Annotation tag for uneven slab

Hello everybody,

I am trying to create an annotation tag for floors that can give me the levels and the thickness at any point of my slab (like in the sketch below). Has anybody done this previously? Any idea?
Thank you

You cannot do this in one tag in Revit.

For the levels you can only use a spot elevation, it can read top and bottom elevations. You can use the SpotElevation.ByPoint node from Clockwork package. You can set up to show top, bottom or both with the “Diplay Elevations” parameter of the spot elevation. This parameter accepts numbers as values, 0 is actual, 1 is top, 2 is bottom, 3 is top and bottom.

For the thickness you can read only the default thickness from the element and put it in a tag. for local thickness you can read the values from the spot elevation and calculate it, but you cannot put it in the spot elevation symbol, you can only put it in a text note or something unrelated to the floor.

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Thank you for your answer.
How can I extract the output of SpotElevation.ByPoint’s value ? Because now I have an elevation tag in dynamo but it’s exactly the same as the native one in Revit

The output of that node is the elevation tag itself. So an element.parameters node should show all possible parameters.