Filtering by Wall Type Using Dynamo

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help, I’m using Revit & Dynamo and would like to copy the wall TYPE names to a new parameter called TYPE NAME using Dynamo. The idea is to make it possible to filter by wall type within the Revit Schedules.

Here is a screenshot of the error within Dynamo.


Wall Type Parameter Mapping

Hi Trevor,


i believe the issue here is that you’re feeding your parameter the wrong kind of data. I don’t know what type of parameter “Type Name” is but it is not expecting elements. If it is a text parameter then the string from object node should do the trick (between your element.getparametervaluebyname node and the value input of element.setparameterbyname).

Hi Mostafa,

Thanks for your help.

You are correct, my new parameter “Type Name” is a text parameter. I’ve now added the String from object node but a read only error message is now being displayed.

Wall Type Parameter Mapping1


Hi Mostafa,

The error message only applies to some of the walls, the rest did work.

Wall Type Parameter Mapping2


Easy option would be to create a project parameter called “Wall Type Name” (or something along they lines), make it Text and apply it to walls… Get the type name as you have done in you definition and apply it into the newly created project parameter. Or you could just write it into the walls “Comments” parameter or another one of the pre-made wall text parameters

Alternatively, using your new definition, you can add in the Node “Element.ParameterIsReadOnly” along with a “FilterByBoolMask” to get only the Walls whos parameter you can edit (im not sure how well this would work)


Hope this helps