Change Wall Type Names using Excel


I’m trying to change the Type Names of Walls and the ‘‘Element.SetParameterByName’’ gives an error. I’m using Excel as an input for the new Type Names. How do I solve this error? Using Revit 2020/ Dynamo version 2.3.1

Hello @Hido_Yalci
You are providing string as an input, you need to provide family type.

and if you wanted to change name of only 2 family type then you can delete other family type from excel. (So list in column A and list column C contains equal number of items)

Still getting an Error. I used two elements as an example. But I need to change more than two.

Hello @Hido_Yalci ,

You need check your input excel file, Dynamo is not reading other data

That is because I didn’t put new Type Names as input. I don’t think thats the problem. I’ve changed the Excel and still having problems.

Hey @Hido_Yalci ,

you are using wrong node, In place of “SetParameterByName” use “Element.SetName” for renaming the family type name. this is from clockwork v1.0.3 package

Didn’t get any errors but the Type Names hasn’t changed for both elements.

Add these 2 nodes before “element.SetName” and check

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Yes! Fixed the problem thank you @honeyjain619

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