Update Wall Type by Name

I’m fairly new to dynamo and so far have just been using practice exercises, but i decided to try and write a script from scratch that would take all the concept walls in my Revit model and update them to a new wall type.

The issue I’m having is that once i have listed my walls and then filtered the list to only show the wall type that I want, it then comes out as a string which means it won’t be picked up by the Element.SetParameterByName node…

does anyone know of a way to select elements by name when you already have said name in a filtered list?

I will attach a copy of my script so far.

P.S List.FilterByString is part of the SteamNodes Package that i have installed.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

@Amy.Addison You seem to be providing strings while you need to feed elements to Element.SetParameterByName

The workflow below might help explain better …