How to extract a list of parameters from a selected item within a list


I'm trying to export a revit schedule to excel. I'm using archi-lab package & found

some examples of maybe how to do it.

I have beginning & end. Could somebody please show me how to create/extract a list from

an item within a listExport Schedules


Could you elaborate what you mean? There are many ways to get items from a list.

I am sorry but I am afraid that you don’t have the beginning nor the end. Unfortunately you seem to have mistaken the Schedule View (representation of schedule same as Plan View or Section View), for something that it is not. It’s not a table that can be exported. What schedules are, is a tabular representation of data contained inside of selected parameters for all elements of selected category. When you say you want to export a schedule, you really want to export parameter values from all elements that were scheduled. It requires a much different approach. Try selecting all elements of Category ex. Furniture. Then query them all for parameters that interest you. Combine all returned values into a nested list and export that to Excel to mimic Revit schedule.

As Konrad explained, you’re trying to use the schedules inappropriately. However it is possible to at least re-use their filtering and save some time. A schedule view acts very similarly to other views. Thus the elements “visible” in the view can be queried. So instead of running a collector on the whole project, you can run it just on the schedule view:

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Thank you for that clarification.

Thank you for your example graph. By the way for the nodes “Collector.ElementsinView” and “Filter.ByCategoryName” I cant
seem to find them. Do they belong to a certain package?

Hi Eddie,

It belongs to one of my favourite “Spring Nodes” package.


Thank you!..Thank you everyone.

Hi Dimitar Venkov,

I think my lists are ready but once I hit “Run” I do not end up with schedules, I feel like my Dynamo is reading my Revit but not taking any actions/implementing any output. Is there an additional node after organising the data to set up the View Schedule?

Or ignore above and just state, in which package is ExportSchedules found?



I just began Dynamo and faced this problematic.
I’m using Dynamo 1.3 and Revit 2016. The version of Spring nodes is 110.2.0.

I try the graph suggested above with Spring nodes. But it return a flat list with 1 dimention with random values from different data rows.

I notice that the entry parameter of the Filter.ByCategoryName is waiting now for an element object insted of element(s) like describe in this thread.

Is there any alternative or am i doing somthing wrong?