Export and Import Revit Schedules

Is there a node to select elements in schedule an the parameters contained in the schedules to export to excel?

Rather than extract parameter values from the schedule, I suppose it makes more sense to think in terms of extracting that data directly from the elements (associated with the schedule).

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What elements are in the schedule? Doors, rooms, walls? You would want to select those items by category. Filter as needed by some parameter then extract with Element.GetParameterByName node. You would then need to feed those items into the Excel Write node.

Firts of all thanks for the quick feedback!

I already achieved the bidirectional integrariam between Revit parameters and Excel but i think the integration quth a schedulle would be very helpfull.

I already have a ton of preformated schedules with groupings and filtres that are very usefull for quantity take off and even Structural calculation, that require some changes from project to project. Although i could reply that on Dynamo, it is usefull to have them um Revit enviroment and i was trying to avoid the work duplication.

Do you think it can be done? I am not aware of nodes specific for schedules.

I am not familiar with Schedule in this manner, but you may start with these as a way to get working on the information.