How to Export a Schedule?

Hey All So, i’m looking to export my already created Schedules in my Revit project out to Excel (preferably in batch) I know i could create definitions to get the same data my schedules are getting and combine them in a list and push them out that way, but i already have 100+ Schedules in the project and i assumed it would be a simple task to just push each schedule out to Excel, but it is proving annoying!I had a look through the forums and cant find much on what i’m trying to do. I downloaded the bumblebee package also but cant find a way to have it export specific schedule views :S Any help is appreciated Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Revit does not support exporting to excel. The only available option is to export schedules as delimited text.

You could explore the following work-flow:

Create a custom “ViewScheduleExportOptions” and override the default “FieldDelimiter” value:

You can then proceed to export the schedule with the new export options:

Finally you’ll need to rename the file from it’s default *.txt extension to a *.csv extension. You’ll hopefully end up with something that excel can recognize and open automatically, albeit not a native xls file.

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Thanks a lot Dimitar I will take a look at this workflow and see if it works for our office:) I would have imagined that i could just tap into the same functionality that some addons use to select all my project schedules and simply export them to Excel. I might have to look into using an addon instead, assuming my office will let me haha

If you are looking to have fully formatted Excel files, then perhaps an add-on is the way to go.

You can batch export Schedules to delimited text files, which can then be opened in Excel. Dimitar posted a Python Script for exporting a single Schedule; I extended that to work with a list of Schedules and included it in a graph that gathers all of the Schedules in a Revit Project file. You can find that discussion here.