How to return Schedule's data


I just began Dynamo and faced the problematic of returning a list of Schedule’s data…
I’m using Dynamo 1.3 and Revit 2016. The version of Spring nodes is 110.2.0.

I try the graph suggested in the following thread with Spring nodes ( How to extract a list of parameters from a selected item within a list *). But it return a flat list with 1 dimention with random values from different data rows.

I notice that the entry parameter of the Filter.ByCategoryName is waiting now for an element object insted of element(s) like describe in the thread* graph.

Below the graph i’m using.

Is there any alternative or am i doing something wrong?


If I understand correctly, it looks like just a lacing issue. Try changing your lacing to Cross Product. That should return each parameter value for each element as a sublist.

Thanks a lot Nick.
I totaly missed this simple node parameter sorry for this.