How to export Revit Specific element values to an existing Excel Layout

Hello everyone,
I’m new to dynamo, but I managed to create a script that able me to export a multiCategory Schedule filtered by worksets into excel. It works fine. In my companies, we have a specific Excel MTO schedule layout that we hand over to customers, and to minimize the manual work, I want to know if it’s possible to export my Revit schedule into that specific layout via Dynamo or maybe some kind of python script? I need it to detect the correct Material Name already written in Excel, then compare it to find the correct Material Name on Revit then write the Quantity value + its unit in the corresponding boxes.
Thank you for your precious help.

When you say this, I understand that your company’s Master BOQ data in Excel is not in sync with the Revit template you have. Ideally, you should have some codes for the material names and these what you are highlighting in red box are not material names but those are material descriptions. If the excel data is in sync with the Revit materials in your template, generating a schedule will automatically give you what is required. If not, there is a problem in the template setup. Rather than thinking from a Dynamo point of view, my humble suggestion is that you should revisit your Revit template.

I think what you’re trying to do is acheivable via the use of templates ! check is out it might help !


@deejaypein thank you for the tip. Bumblebee package may solve my issue here but need to try it out. will update you about the results.

@harilalmn Indeed it’s mat description, not mat names, in my custom mat library on Revit I have already added all that description so what I need is to look by mat description and write the values based on some kind of lookup function via dynamo that looks on the excel file then looks on the Revit mats description and write the correct value back. The point here is to minimize human intervention on Excel, and export directly the schedule from Revit ready to the handover.

Hi, @deejaypein watching this made me rethink my design. I finally succeeded to export my data on the layout I wanted. Thank you for the tip!

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Glad i could help :v:

@wael.benhassine , peux tu stp m’envoyer ton script je le cherche désespérément?!

Would you be able to share the graph to demonstrate how you got this to work?