Renaming Loadable and System Families

Still quite new to Dynamo but trying to learn a bit for some tasks I was hoping I could make it perform quicker than I can do them manually, renaming families being the first one of these tasks.

I’ve spent some time searching and found the following thread which almost worked for me: Where I got stuck was that some packages have since been renamed, after some googling and trial and error I finally got it to work.

Here is the program I used to export the family name and type name to Excel

And this brings the renamed families back to Revit (Sorry, as a new user I could only post one image)

I’ve hit a snag where I get an error when I try to run the above on system families, user loaded families are no problem at all. Is it possible to use the same programs to pull system familie names from Revit and rename them in Excel and then push this back to Revit the same way as the above works? I’ve tried swapping out some nodes but my knowledge on how it works is still limited and I can’t seem to get it to work or understand the errors that are produced.