Massive renaming families parameters

Hi to all,

I have one single Revit project file (.rvt) with multiple families loaded into it.
I would export the parameters (for eg. in Excel sheet), then rename them into Excel and finally rewrite parameters in Revit using Dynamo.
I attach a concept of my idea.
Is there anyone who could help me?

Thank you very much.

P.S. I have try wirh Orchid Package, but seems work with only one .rfa family at once.

Hello @Manuel_Rail ,

Import excel.dyn (52.6 KB)
Export excel.dyn (30.8 KB)

I have done this exercise for changing family name and family type name.
1st Use Export excel.dyn file for exporting the all the family and family type name (you can add the other parameter also if you want) and output will be an excel file (Column A will be filled with Original Family name and in column B you can rename the updated new family name) and save the file.

2nd use Import excel.dyn file and import the same excel, so it will read the original family name and replace it with new family name(from Column B)

Hi @honeyjain619 ,

thanks for your fast response. I am very grateful to you.
Unfortunatly I have a little problem with the excecution.
Curruntly I am on Revit 2020.2 and I use Dynamo 2.3.0 and I have those warning:

Do you use any particular package?

Hello @Manuel_Rail

Dictionary.ByKeysValues node is from Spring nodes

and Just for better understand of your problem, you want to change the family /family type name or just want to update the parameter value in those family? because both approach are different.
I have provid you the script for changing family name but if you want to change parameter value then we have to use set parameter value.

Hi @honeyjain619,

I want change the name of the parameters (not the value) of the families loaded into the revit project file.

Edit: your script works fine with the “family name” and “family type name”.
Do you know if this is possible for “parameter name”?

I have not try this one because i dont have that package.
Can you try with method using Orchid package and please let me know if its work or not.

In Orchid you can perform the operation only on one single .rfa, not on .rvt :frowning:

That is and always has been the case in Revit. Once a parameter is in Revit, it is unique and cannot be renamed. The process for “renaming” a parameter boils down to collecting all the data stored on the parameters, copying all the data to a new parameter and then deleting the old parameter. It is tedious.
All schedules are relationships (formulas, global links, etc.) to that parameter will have to also be restored.

Hi @aaronrumple ,

thanks for your contribute. Ok I will find another way for do it.

Your best bet:
Buy a solution. This isn’t an easy one without losing information.

Yes, Go Ahead and Rename that Shared Parameter * (