How to create solid based on a list of points

Hi there, I am new to the Dynamo world.
If I have a list of points which can form trapezoids along a curve at intervals, how can I create the solid between them? I have tried different methods before ( points, solid by loft, surface by loft…) but both of them are not work . Below are the dynamo script, the final result of the this script (the coordinates) and the excel file. Thanks

embankment script.dyn (33.9 KB)Coordinate.xlsx (9.6 KB)

I have not looked into it in detail, but firstly it seems there is a problem with the units.
Your polygons are very small (2mm) compared to the distance between them (10,000mm)


Second, the points need to be in the correct order.

Looking at your data which is quite repetitive- there is probably an easier way, such as using a sweep i.e sweep same profile (curve) along a path

Hi Andrew, Thanks for you suggestion. I have already put my points in the correct order but it looks like this.

Also,I will have the data of length of each section afterward. Is it possible to sweep the fixed length of each profile?

Hi Phillip

sorry, but it isn’t clear what you want to achieve, and what the data in the spreadsheet represents. I’d suggest sketching it out- for example to show what geometry you want to create from this data

To me it looks like the first issue is with the generation of points- points in each set are very close together relative to the distance between each set, and the points in each set are not perpendicular i.e. your embankment object is very long & skinny & the ends are not square