How to Create Multiple size's of Footing's from Excel sheet?


Trying to create footing’s with dimensions coming from Excel.

Is there a reason you are looking to create it with Cuboids rather than using a family you can place and adjust instanced based parameters? It appears you already have a center point. Could you use FamilyInstance.ByPoint and then use Element.SetParameterByName to push the Width, Length, and Height?

First trail thought of turning cuboids into footings. Point is reference for Columns it is not in the center of cuboids.

I think you would want to try and use a family. You may have to adjust where the parameters drive from based on the location of the column or some of reference point, but if you go about it this way then each cuboid will have to come back into Revit as a Mass or In Place Family. This may have negative affects on your model, and also limit your ability to change them in the future. Just something to think about, but I unfortunately don’t have a lot of knowledge in the realm of what you are specifically asking, so if this is the direction you need to go, I look for someone else to help you. Good luck!


Thank you for Information.