Changing the multiple parameters

Hello everyone,

I have created a revit family which consist of cylinders placed on top of each other where all the cylinders thickness varies. So now I have thickness values in my excel. I am using dynamo to extract these parameter to revit to change the thickness accordingly. I have tried few ways, but no luck. Please help me with this.

Satish J

Show us what you have so far. Your family needs to have parameters assigned to each cylinder thickness and then you can just modify those values accordingly.

It is saying new user cannot upload documents. Whats the solution for this

thicknesses vary according to each type?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes thickness or height changes for each type

you don’t necessarily need a dynamo for that
maybe an alternative solution is to use the Lookup Tables (especially if you already have a database)

Basically i need to do handle everything with xls file not from csv


You can also look at the BIM One Excel import and exporter for tasks like this one.