Create a solid by family instances

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to create a solid from 4 family instances. I’m having a problem converting the family instance to a curve and therefore I’m not being able to run the solid.byloft node.

That’s what I have so far.


Any suggestion to solve this?


@Syn - please be sure all future posts add to the collective path of the conversation. There is no value in ‘bumping’ the post - you’re no more likely to get someone to help you out by doing so. A better direction to take would be to upload a more complete screenshot so we can see what geometry you are creating and how it needs to be edited. Uploading a copy of the rfa which you’re placing is also going to be a must for most of us to help you out.

It does appear as if you’re failing to place the families by the points. Also, Revit elements need to be converted to Dynamo geometry (Element.Geometry node) to make use of that data in Dynamo. Perhaps that will steer you in the right direction? If not upload the requested info and we’ll get back to you.

All of that said, welcome to the community, I look forward to your continued involvement.

@JacobSmall thanks for the feedback

I’m uploading the family and the complete dynamo file in this topic. The family is being placed by the required points, I’m failing in conecting them through the curves…Familia_Via.rfa (372 KB)
Home.dyn (146.6 KB)