Create Family instance from solid

Hello everyone !

So here is my question : How do you create an family instance (a floor or a generic model ) from an object (solid), and put the origin at its center of gravity. I have already did the creation but I can’t change the origin of the family in Revit.
Do you know how do it? (I hope this makes sense?)

In order to move the origin you would have to move the geometry in the family, which would require changing the workspace to the family editor.

Instead try this:

  1. Find the center of gravity for the geometry in Dynamo before you make the family
  2. Move the geometry by the vector from that point to the origin,
  3. Create the family from the geometry at this location
  4. Move the family by the reverse of the vector in step 2.
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Ok, I understand that. Nice idea. But I don’t think I can move the geometry without placing it on revit. How do you move a solid (in dynamo) with a vector in revit?

You can do it all in Dynamo. Creating the family instance by geometry will make a Revit family that can be moved by dynamo as wth any other Revit element.

Ok, so I tried this
découpages de sols_manuel_V4.dyn (36.7 KB)
. I think I have a problem with my family creation then.

Could you tell me what is wrong in my program?

I’m stuck in an airport so I can’t open dyn files. Perhaps late tomorrow I’ll be able to open this.

Ok, thanks !

Just a follow up with a feed back for this topic. with very similar thought, I tried to create family out of filled regions Solid. Dynamo placed the Solid at origins, but followed these steps It worked, dynamo moved Solid back to where Filled Regions’ location were. Thanks so much!