FamilyInstance node trouble

Hi everybody,
I have a trouble with FamilyInstance.ByCoordinates node, I modelled 1000 piles with 500mm in diameter from excel with XYZ points data, now I wanna add 200 piles with 300mm in diameter (with another excel file) to current layout, but when I use my “dyn” again, 1000 piles was deleted, and replaced by 200 piles, omg!!!
So please show me how could I ADD new piles, not REPLACE?

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Hoang Lynh

Hi @yeuthantoc,
You need to break dynamo’s association with those elements, Dynamo is assuming when you run the same script on a project that you want to modify the elements of which it created (which is pretty useful when you think about it, and in most cases exactly what you want).


• Try replacing the create family instance node with a new one.
• Or you could cut and paste the old piles, this will give them all new unique id’s etc.
• Or you could merge the new excel data with the old and have just one excel file?
• Maybe a save-as on the script? (Don’t think this will work, but maybe)

Just some examples of what may work. I’m sure there are other ways too.


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Thanks @Daniel_Woodcock1 for your advices
I try to cut and paste the old piles and it worked perfectly!
Now I’m thinking some nodes for create piles with some types by 1 click follow your 3rd advice.

And once again, thank you very much!

Hoang Lynh

No worries @yeuthantoc, glad to help. :wink:

For someone have the same trouble, I found solution from KulKul in this post:

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