How to control each point of fan-shape?

I’m beginner of Dynamo.
At first, I selected the 2D curve of Fan-shape. Then I tried to change the z-coordinate of each point, but it doesn’t work. Please let me know how to do it.
Thank you.
ver2020.test.rvt (6.8 MB)

ver2020.test.dyn (14.3 KB)

i think you need workplanes. the lines are levelbased.
try a adaptive component enviroment


It does exactly what you’ve asked it to.
You have asked it to draw 5 new points.
It has drawn 5 new points.
If you want it to create a shape you’ll have to ask it to join the points.

I’ve done it two ways here… This creates Dynamo geometry only.
If you want to put it back into Revit you need to plug in one of the groups to the “ModelCurve.ByCurve” node.

Also I used model lines not detail lines as they’re 3D not 2D.

In Revit:

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