Dynamo Geometry from DynaShape into Revit

Hi Matthieu,

What node do you need to bake DynaShape geometries to Revit shape?

The lines that you get from DynaShape are Dynamo lines, you will need to convert them to Revit model lines or family elements so that they appear in Revit as elements

Thanks, it was simple.

It works great with ModelCurve.ByCurve.
Just don’t know we have that node.

Any tips if I want to create surface along the net.

Thanks again.

Try NurbsSurface.ByPoints. You may need to reorder the points, depending on their structure.

Splitting these two questions into a new thread as they aren’t really related to DynaShape but are more general questions.

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I tested the NurbsSurface.ByPoints and works well with each sub-list has the same number of Points, like List 0 has 10 Points, List 1 has 10 Points and List 2 has 10 Points.

In my case, each of sub-lists have different number of Points, like List 0 has 11 Points, List 1 has 15 Points.

How to make a Round Nurbs Surface?

Hard to say as we don’t have any of the data for how you made said shape, just an image on the screen. Can you post the .dyn so others can more easily help?