Control curves and Division

Hello all,

I’ve just started dabbling in Dynamo properly, but am a long-time Revit user (To what I would consider a reasonable level).

I’ve used in the past Bentley Generative Components and have very briefly dabbled in Grasshopper and Rhino (But don’t use those professionally).

In the image below (Simply created in Revit and a paint hack-job), I would be looking to replicate this using Dynamo. I can’t seem to figure out how to divide a circle.


  • Red = Outer control curve of X points. This needs to be divided.
  • Pink = Inner control curve (circle) of X points. This needs to be divided.
  • Green = Singular inner control point for spline by points
  • Yellow = Double outer control points for spline by points. Note each outer point must control the end-point of 2x splines.
The intention is to have an outer curve controlled mathematically to an inner control curve, where the number of points around each circle, and subsequently amount of splines by points, controlled also. I envisage a triangle up until about what is depicted.

Am I approaching this correctly for a Dynamo workflow? Or am I hung up in Revit thought processes? Should I follow this thought train or try and create points splayed out in a circular format simply through math?

Any help would be much appreciated - I’m going to continue on with the very useful tutorials on this site in the meantime.












the code block means create a list “a” with points equally distributed on a curvepointoncurve

Ah I knew it would be a relatively simple answer. Many thanks!

I don’t know if this is whats you’re after, but I gave a go. It can probably be refined a whole lot.


That looks pretty on point Jostein! Thanks. I’ll recreate your definition and have a play. Woo for learning.