Creating a curve / polycurve from point list

Test_02_ExcelHey there!

I’m quite new in working with revit / Dynamo and need some help. There is a list of points I’ve created from an Excel file. The next step should be creating a curve or polycurve from the point list but I’ve no idea how to manage it. I also can’t see the points in dynamo… I hope sure that there is a solution for my simple Problem.



-Your points are very far away from zero, maybe too far?

Many CAD Systems get in trouble counting this large coordinates

  • do you need one curve from this list?

I know, but in this case it is necessary to use real coordinates.

And yes, should be one curve. It is necessary for some extrusion-tests. Do you have an idea?

Creating a curve is easy like this:



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In order to view them, you could try moving the points closer to the origin.

If the points are far apart from each other, you won’t be able to view them all at the same time in Dynamo as Dynamo doesn’t render points when zoomed out far.

At first thanks a lot for the quick responses. The points are close to each other but far away from the origin (geographic coordinates). The idea is to illustrate an axis of a rail track. I think I’ll try to change the origin point first.

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I’m facing the same problem and I couldn’t find a way to see in Dynamo the geometry which is far away.

But you can see the point in Revit. Please see the video below:

Also, I would recommend you to create the line through the point in revit using “spline through points tool” instead of the “ModelCurve.ByCurve” button in Dynamo( which will create a spline - a curve by control points and would be difficult to control).



Thank you for your help! I can see the points and also the next problem with my point list. The track points are branching so it’s time to revise the list :slight_smile:

please resend your attachment(creating a curve).


Hi, Can you share script. I am trying it for long time.

Hi, Can you share script. I am trying it for long time too, thanks ^^