Changing Family Types in a Project Using Excel

I have a working Revit 2018 model with various different structural steelwork column sizes. I would like to change the steelwork columns to timber columns. By using an excel spreadsheet I can determine what size timber column can replace the steelwork column. For example; I would like to change the UKC254x254x73 steel column to a 250x250 Glulam column.Unfortunately I can only seem to replace ALL the columns to 1 specific type. The issue seems to be arising with the List.FirstIndexOf but I am unable to resolve this.
Also, I have not been able to find the Family Type ID reference within Revit (this becomes available in highlighted text at the end of the family type string when listed), I thought I could use this to quickly change the types.Columns_Only_Test.xlsx (21.0 KB)
3_Columns_Only_Test.dyn (35.6 KB)

Hi @andy.payton

For the Family Type ID you can have a look here.

Its in Einar’s post


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Can you show an image of your graph running? We won’t be able to run the graph effectively without the same column types you’re using.

You also don’t need to schedule every family instance, just the individual types. This will make managing your data much easier when it comes to switching out family types in Dynamo.

Archi-lab package has a custom node called “change family type”. It takes in a list of elements and a list of target typeIDs. Would this be what you need?


I think I was over-complicating the issue! Please see attached graph.3_Columns_Only_Test_Solved.dyn (18.6 KB)

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