Problems with FamilyInstance.SetType from clockwork package


I try to change the family type of some elements with FamilyInstance.SetType frkm the clockwork package.

I have list of the UniqueIds of the elements which i want to change but only the first element of the list is changed. How can i change the type of every element of the list?

Thanks for your help.


Thomas, I think I designed that node to expect two lists of equal length, so I could set each family instance to a different type. Just use it with List.Map - that should work. I am currently not sitting in front of a PC so it’s just an educated guess.

I may try to redesign the node in the future so it can handle a single family type as an argument as well.

Hi, not realy sure how to do.

I dont’t know much about dynamo and especially List.Map

What function do i have to use in List.Map?

I tried to map the list as a string but that seems to be wrong.





Thank’s again.

mappingtosettypeYeah, I realize it’s hard to explain this in words. Here’s how to apply a function using List.Map …

Wow, that works perfect for me.

Thank you again!


Thanks for the post. I appreciate your node to change family types of instances of a family. I have a similar request, and I haven’t been able to find a solution anywhere. I would like to perform the simple task of renaming families and family types in a revit project. I see in dynamo there are quite a few function to query family types, but I don’t see how to back feed it back in. I even tried a crack at code blocks to see if I could do it that way. Any thoughts/suggestions you or anyone else has would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!

Family Rename

Here’s how you could rename a number of furniture families:


You could apply your string replace logic to that example quite easily, I think. All custom nodes are from package Clockwork.

Thanks Andreas. For some reason my Clockwork Element.SetName is not working for either elements or types. I don’t believe I need the Match with Key Values node, but just in case I tried one with, and one without.

For the rename elements script it puts in in the “Success” list, but as you can see it doesn’t take on the value name.

For the rename type script it puts it in the “Fail” list. I also tried with the “FamilySymbol.Name” per your suggestion, but that output is for a string, not an element so I get null values. So, I stuck with the "All Family Types of Category, but my main problem is getting it to rename the type at the end of the script.

Any thoughts?

Script-Find and Replace

element and type rename


Sorry about the confusion. I wasn’t suggesting you use the List.MatchWithKeyValues node - that was just a renaming example I had lying around on my hard drive. Here’s how you would rename family types based on your search/replace logic:


that works indeed… I love it. thks

but on the same base, is it possible to swap let’s say a piece of furniture for a piece of specialty equipment using dynamo?