How Does SectionView.ByCoordinate... work?

Can someone explain how the CS part works?

Lets say i wanna create a Section in the X direction and a Section in the Y direction.

I also have no idea which CoodinateSystem node to use in this case

Or is this not how a Section is created using Dynamo?

What does the error say? You’re min and max points essentially create a line right now instead of a rectangular boundary. I’m guessing the CS is for the view plane, while it looks like you’re providing an XY plane.

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Hi @bvs1982,

It works like this.


That image was (is) great help for me! Basicly all i needed. Thank you! @MJB-online

I think my thought process was waaaay to simple.
I thought it was the line along the Section would be created.
I have (had) no idea how the node works. I simply just tried stuff this time, but
couldn’t figure it out. Hence this topic :rofl:
@MJB-online his reply was all i needed!


This is how i understand the node works. Correct me if i am wrong.

  • Plane.XZ defines the direction the Secion Line is created.
  • minPoint is the startting point of the Section Line.
  • maxPoint is where the Section Line ends and with it controlling the Length Y Height X
    and Far Clip Offset Z.

Creating section views based on coordinate systems can be quite challenging, and sometimes drive you crazy.
Points 2 and 3 are completely correct, you should see the sectionviews as a shoebox/boundingbox, with a minpoint and maxpoint.
It is also important that you create/manipulate a coordinate system of which the Z-axis is the viewing direction. The point of view of the section then lies on (or parallel) to the X-Y plane. But because this X-Y plane is sometimes twisted to get the right viewing direction, the X and Y coordinates sometimes have to be swapped, or given a negative value, to get the right effect. It is very useful to visualize the active coordinate system. We have a custom node to do this, below you can see how this works.

And in the past I’ve also often just used the test and trail method until I got the right section views. Good luck.

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I tried to explain a little bit about how sections in Revit work here, and put a good bit of the section tools to work: The Stairry Story - Using Dynamo for stairs in Revit - #42 - Community Conversations - YouTube

It’s a bit challenging as Revit utilizes a non-axis aligned bounding box, which while now doable in Dynamo was previously not possible and so we had to imagine the outcome.