How do I tell revit where to find dynamo?

Hello I downloaded and reinstalled dynamo 1.3 to the default folder by my revit cant see it and it seems to not be able to see my dynamo 1.2.1 any more either. Anybody know what happened, and how I change where revit is looking for dynamo? And, no, its not in the dynamo drop down thats just dynamo 0.7.1. Thanks!

Hi @mix

Dynamo 1.3 will not work for Revit 2015. It will work for Revit 2016 and higher version. Your Welcome!

Ok, well then how do I get revit to see that I have dynamo 1.2.1 installed then? I just doesnt “see” it anymore. :frowning: Thanks!

Uninstall Complete Dynamo 1.3 and then re-install 1.2.1

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Thanks Kulkul, that works!

Rubbish. We have projects in Revit 2015 upto Revit 2018. It would be better for the Dynamo team to support Rvt 2015 with 1.3.

@craigjonnson that’s just not feasible. They can only support a limited amount of Revit versions. Otherwise it would bind too many resources (i.e. manpower). And that, in turn, would significantly slow down the overall development progress of Dynamo. And I am pretty sure nobody wants that.

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