Dynamo 1.3 overwriting Dynamo 1.2?

Just installed 1.3 and now 1.2 is “gone” from my system…(only 1.3 shows up in the installed programs in control panel)

anyone else run into this?

Yes. It looks like this isn’t a side by side install. Definitely something to consider if you need Dynamo in Revit 2015


Any compatibility issues between 1.3 & older versions?
IOW, if I’m creating graphs in 1.3, can the rest of the office (on 1.2.0 or 1.2.1) use them without problems?
Excluding the new features, of course.

Do you mean Dynamo will no longer work with Revit 2015 if I install 1.3?

Hi @T_Pover


to be fair–that graphic wasn’t updated when I downloaded 1.3. It still had 2015 in the list.

if you need Dynamo and you still have projects in 2015 you can’t install 1.3

That’s a bummer. I assume older versions (1.1) will still work with Revit 2015?

Yes, I just uninstalled 1.3 and reinstalled 1.2.1 for use in R2015

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