How do I retrieve Type parameters?

A typical problem I’ve had is not seeing the Type parameters of a list of objects. My main confusion is not seeing these Type parameters when I connect the list of objects to an Element.Parameters node. How do I get Type parameters when I have a list of objects in a category? Today I want to retrieve the Function values for a list of walls, and I do not see “Function” provided in the list of parameters.
Also, the Get Type Parameter node by archilab only gave me null values.

Instance parameters belong to the instance, type parameters belong to the type. You have to get the type (wall type in this case) first and then get its parameters.

How then do I retrieve a list of all Wall Types so I can obtain all their Functions? The OOTB Revit > Wall and Revit > WallType nodes are few. Is there an All Families node with a dropdown box somewhere (in a package maybe)?

Try…element.element.type OOTB node

I don’t see that in my node library. I’m using Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.3.1 if that helps explain why I don’t see it.

Select WallTypes instead of Wall from the Element Types list. You can also get the WallType from the instance via Element.Type if you need to keep everything with reference to the wall instances.


Your first suggestion shows me how to retrieve Types for all loaded elements, so thank you for that :slight_smile:
I do indeed want to retrieve the types of the placed instances. The only result I get when I search “Element.Type” is a warning element node. I understand how that would solve my problem but I do not see an “Element.Type” node which will work for this circumstance.

The name is element.element type :grinning:

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Sorry, that’s the Archi-lab node. Use the one @sovitek suggested.


Or clockworks as work on link as Well

To you and @sovitek : I have archi-lab (version 2021.25.2621) and Clockwork (version 2.3.0) installed and I see neither node. Do I need another version of either package?

Yes Can be difficult to find…try search elementtype without Any space

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Indeed I found it… I simply searched for “type” and it was the second in the list, called “Elements.Type” I guess making “Elements” plural is crucial for the search. The search tool is so finicky! Thanks for sticking with me, both of you @sovitek and @Nick_Boyts !

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@Redrunner262 …yes the search engine doesnt work very well…try to make seach with Monocle view extension…it works :wink:

Maybe I’ll make another post for that, but when I installed the Monocle package it made my Dynamo session freeze whenever I opened it. So I uninstalled it and now Dynamo works fine. I will admit I don’t know how to align which versions of a package I should install based on the Dynamo version I’m running, so that might be where I went wrong (installing too new a package version on the Dynamo version I’m using).