Revit unknown element

Hi all!

I am trying to access the “Function” type parameter of several categories/elements. Ok, I need to get the family type before getting the “Function” out of it. The results are:

Wall, Floors and Doors worked perfectly.
Ceilings and Stairs (3 stairs as sketch and component-based):

  • unable to access type parameters. When querying the object type, it returns “Revit.Elements.UnknownElement” (image attached).

Am I missing something here? :exploding_head:


UnknownElement indicates an element that isn’t entirely supported by Dynamo (this might not be 100% indicative of this being true, but there aren’t any Ceiling, CeilingType, Stairs or StairsType OOTB Revit nodes); you should still be able to get the function parameter from stair types, though. Ceiling Types don’t have the built in Function parameter

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@awilliams is correct in why it’s showing as an unknown type, but you should be able to query most parameters still. Try asking for the type of ceiling directly in a code block:


This will return the type for any element passed, unless it doesn’t have a type in which case it will return a null or empty value (depending on what you fed it).

@awilliams and @JacobSmall thank you both for the info.

It happens that I was simply feeding the wrong information on the Element.GetParameterValueByName node. (on my full graph). I saw it clearly now. It was good to be away from the computer a couple of days.