How do I import multiple dwg into Dynamo

I like to import the geomerty and layers of multiple DWG into dynamo. I hold push the geomerty through an equation and generating a new geomerty for each loaded dwg puching them back out into seperate dwg again.

So how do I do step 1. import the geomerty of layers of multiple dwgs?

I dont think thereis a way to,check this post.

But wait look here too…!

Hi there were a lot of nice things there but the marco did not work

As you see I used the CVS file but it adds a . in the end and it can’t create a link

Could you email me the CSV file you used? I’ll take a look. My email is michael at archsmarter dot com.

hi can you tell me plz where did you find this nodes:

  1. file loader. from path
  2. file import to object
  3. imported object . convert to geometric

you can find it in Dynamo studio. Refer to this page: Importing Geometry | The Dynamo Primer

How do you find this node? I cant find it in packages and your link is broken :smiley: thanks!

you can read it from this article: Importing Geometry · GitBook
FYI: these nodes are only available in Dynamo Studio but Dynamo Studio is no longer available. It has been removed from the Autodesk AEC Collection.

So there is no way to import dwg files into revit anymore :confused: ??


Use the Genius Loci package with the Link DWG or Import DWG nodes.


So this one doesnt seem to import anything, anything else i need to do with the importinstance maybe? SOrry for the noob questions :smiley:

Please use the search button and/or read the Dynamo Primer.

I know those, thanks! I just wonder how to get the geometry out into the scene! :slight_smile:
Working with .sat files was similar but i got the import right ahead

It should be like this one and it works fine for me

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Mine looks like this and nothing gets imported sadly…


Remove Document.Current node.
You don’t need it and it is not the right kind of document.

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Cool! This works but i have one more question. How come i cant see the model in the 3d view?
I can see it in the “regular” view :slight_smile:


Please answer here:

Otherwise we have redundancy :slight_smile: