DWG Import in Dynamo Studio 2019


Hi I followed the instrutions of importing geomerty in Dynamo studio i have a dwg made which dose not want to get imported what am I doing wrong?

test.dwg (42.6 KB)



Hi @johannaroenner

Could show us previews for all nodes.


Did you mean Dynamo Studio 2017?


Hi I changed to Dynamo studio 2017 and autodesk Autocad 2017 and it works. I was not the Dynamo 2019 that was the problem cause it could read the old Autocad files but it could not handle autocadfiles dwg. from autocad 2019


This is because the dog standard changed in 2019. You’ll find you also have issues importing a 2019 dwg into a 2017 Revit version unless you save down the file format.