How to change Type Property value of family

Hello! Sorry for my ignorance but how can I change the width for a beam with Dynamo?

It doesn’t work with the node Set.ParameterByName


Nothing to apologize for!

This is a tricky one. In this case you want to Change a Type Parameter instead of an Instance Parameter.

You have to insert the Element Type of the Element into the Element.SetParameterByName to change it.

Easy way is to use Element.ElementType in between the Beam FamilyInstance and the Element.SetParameterByName.

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@didekalsan You can use the ʳʰʸᵗʰᵐ|Elements.SetParameterByNameTypeOrInstance node from Rhythm package to set the value for type parameters.

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Thank you so much guys! Both methods work fine :slight_smile:

@AmolShah do you know how to change this to do all elements of the same type at one time?