How can I sort my List


I have made a list by category, and I want to export it to Excel, but I am not able to sort my list as shown below:

ID elemens type count volume

xx Type1 xx xxx

xx Type2 xx xxx



Use sort by key and tie the output of element.type or input) to the key.


Hope that makes sense. If not I can post example.

Thank you John


I would be grateful if you show an example :slight_smile:




Hi Sam,

You could also do something along the lines of what I’ve done in the graph below. It’s probably not the best way to go by it, if you need to extract a LOT of parameters, but its a neat way to do it, if you just need a bunch :slight_smile:

I’m still new to Dynamo, so there might be even better ways to do it though.




Thank you for your post Martin, but it still dosn’t solve my problem :frowning:

I want to have a list in Dynamo where I can Sort my list by family and type with Total.

See the example below.


ID elemens type count volume

xx Type1 25 98m3

xx Type2 32 67 m3

Something like this? …

Family, Family Type, Volume, Count

File: columns-20140914-1.dyn


Hi Vikram,

Excellent! Thanks for sharing. This can be used for multiple categories.

Can you please look at my issue in other post regarding Wall finishes also.

Many thanks,

Ah I see. Sorry for misunderstanding you, Sam.

Excellent answer from Vikram, as always :wink:

@Jocelyn - I did take a look, but had nothing productive to offer.

I’ll look at it again later, but I suspect I don’t have the knowledge/skills required to solve your problem.

Thank you Akram.

I can’t find 2 of the Notes you have used (see below). Can I get them from somewhere? Sorry I am beginner in dynamo :slight_smile:



You can either download one of the more recent builds (0.8.3)


Look for equivalent nodes that say ‘Family Symbol’ instead of 'Family Type"