Sorting a list of parameters so that they match values from excel

Hi all, appreciate the time you’re taking to read this, I’m completely banging my head against the wall. Basically I’ve got a family with a series of instance parameters and I want to overwrite the value of those parameters with a list of parameters from Excel. The overwriting part is going fine but the bit I’m struggling with is the ordering the list so that the correct values are going to the correct objects. When I load the family instance it seems to be sorting the list by element ID, I really need it to be sorted by the Mark parameter as that parameter corresponds with the excel file. I had thought to use sort by Key but I’m guessing it doesn’t work the way I thought it did. Please see screen shot.

Any help greatly appreciated, I’m rapidly running out of time and don’t fancy filling these 900 parameters in by hand… Kind Regards Rob

Try making this change…


My god, I’ve been trying to get this sodding this working all morning and that’s all that was wrong!


Thank you very much Vikram.

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Hey Rob

I just started to use Dynamo this week so I’m just a rookie at this. Actually, I want do exactly what you have done there to save some time writing the information directly into Revit. I have searched for this and I can’t find it anywhere. So, can you please show an image of all blocks? That would be truly helpful.

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Hi @Rob1,
Can you share your dynamo script, or a complete screenshot of your script here?