Sorting a list of lists


I am a new dynamo user and it didnt take me long to get completely stuck. This is probably a rookie question but I couldn’t find an answer anywhere on the web.

So suppose I have Three lists -“Room name”, “Room number” and “Room area”. I am doing a basic Revit to excel export. The exported data is often mangled so I need to sort the whole list of rooms by number, area or some other parameter.

So basically I need the list in image 1 to be sorted as in image 2 (sorted by the figures in list 2 in that particular example) .




I suggest you try Clockwork’s “List.SortListOfLists” node. Alternatively, you could use the built-in “SortByKey” node like so:


Thank you very much Dimitar! As it goes, the solution was under my nose the whole time.