Sort List by parameter

Hello all,
first-time post and a novice at dynamo,

I am trying to sort a list by one of the selected parameters, however, am not sure the best way to get an outcome. I am exporting the data to excel to add extra information info into the required elements however I can’t get then to sort.

I have the selected category, then getting All the elements, I have the column for every element data that I need to export, I have a header and am transporting the data so it all looks great and is easy to ready however its not sorting the way I would like and have tried a few things without success.

I have set up a parameter Name “Building Level” and would sort that way if possible, or is there a better way to get an outcome. so that each level is sorted together.
if I could upload the script and screenshot I would, however, I am a new user so I hope it gets added to the post :frowning:

you can just the sort by function OOTB node. If not, you will need to use the python sort function

I have a tutorial for that :