List sort by... help

Hi everyone,
I am having issues with sorting a list by key or function, I searched on dynamo primer and other websites but I couldn’t really find a good explanation for those nodes.

I have a list with 48 elements and the “All elements of Category” do not take them in the correct order, as you can see from the video I am asking the “Schedule Level” parameter and they start at 40, go down to 01 and restart at 41 till the end of the items.

I would like to know how to sort them using those nodes “sortByFunciont” and “SortByKeys” or any other nodes you think will be right for this case.

As always, thanks in advance for the help.


What video? Can you show some screenshots etc from Dynamo? :slight_smile:

sorry @Jonathan.Olesen I was uploading a video exceeding the size limit, you can see a converted one up here

Can you provide the .rvt file?

What you need to get is the “name” parameter out and then use that as your keys :slight_smile:

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Thanks, you can find the files here.!Aovq7bTh0DrAs-BIQNoRoD0pI3jKPw

No schedule levels in your upload… :confused:

@Jonathan.Olesen it worked! the solution was simpler than i thought.

As you can see in the image, now it starts from the 01 till the end of the list. :slight_smile: Thanks however for your quick reply :v:

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mmmm :confused: this is weird