How can I make this Parameters logic?

Some Elements have Made time Parameter. Also have that make who.

Ex) User_Time_Design : 2018-10-22 13:08:50
Ex) User_Name_Design : AA_David Lim

I want make a logic to make “MAKE_BY : 2018-10-22 David Lim” This case!

My Qustion is …

  1. I want 2018-10-12 after make elements
  2. How can I mixed that two Strings
  3. I don’t want Minute and Second…Just want XXXX-YY-ZZ Name
  4. User Name had More Another Persons. How can I search Mine and mix that ?
    Ex) BB_David LIM, CC_David LIM…ZZ_David LIM


Please read How to get help on the Dynamo forums on how to ask properly for help on this forum, more people will be willing to help you. I understand English may not be your first language but your title comes off as entitled and may turn people off from responding.

Here is the basics of what you asked for:

Thank you For your Solutions!

I Ask U One More… How Can I choose 2018-10-12 After Items?

I want, Choose 2018-10-12 After Items…

Sorry, I do not understand what you mean. Can you try typing it out in your native language in Google Translate and posting the translation?

I want choice, After October 12, 2018 Items :slight_smile:

Code block:

t0 = DSCore.DateTime.Format(dateTimeAfter, "yyyyMMdd");
t1 = String.Remove(inDT, 0, 10);
t2 = String.Remove(t1, 11);
t3 = DSCore.DateTime.FromString(t2);
t4 = DSCore.DateTime.Format(t3, "yyyyMMdd");


Thank you So much !

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I can’t looking for Datetime.format nod.

nod name is ‘Detetime.Format’ right ?

Yes, it is DateTime.Format . It should be a standard node. I am using Dynamo 2.0, haven’t checked earlier versions.

i Installed 2.0 version and… missing nod; lol

all nod is gone;

Red warning ;

If you are using Dynamo 1.3 or earlier, change the [ and the ] to { and } respectively.

wow, U awesome ! Thank you :slight_smile: