House Plans using height and width

Hello everyone, I am new in dynamo and I am working on a project in which the user will enter the requirements of his house plan and the machine will return the dimensions (height and width of every room and washroom and so on). Now I have to use the height and width of every room and make a house plan according to the dimensions on the run time. Can someone please help me in this and also someone share the similar tutorials that would be very helpful for me

try searching the forum. you are not inventing the wheel here.
show what you tried and we will guide you

I am getting started but I am having few difficulties in understanding it can you share some useful tutorials regarding the problem

I have a few colleagues who are putting together some content around a graph I use for my Project Refinery demos. Keep an eye out as they’ll come up soon.

Note that this workflow isn’t a great ‘my first dynamo’ effort. Learn to walk before you run and all that. You’re better off starting with a simpler task and building up to this sort of task instead. Be sure to have mastered geometry manipulation, list levels and lacing, dictionaries, and pretty much all of the Dynamo Primer as a first step.