Automatic Floor Plans

Hi All,
I have been looking into Generative Design, and have seen a few short, high-level explanations of the concept.
My goal is to create a program that creates floor plans based on external features - for example, it will identify a small window, and place a small room behind in (toilet). It will make sure each room of the house is accessible by a door.

I would build an external contour of the building, including all openings, and the program would offer design possibilities (based on the openings location and other information - minimum\maximum room sizes for example).

Do you think dynamo is the right software for this problem?
Any pointers to get me started on this?
I’m also looking for any example projects (with dynamo definitions\code\images) of similar processes.

Thanks for any input!

Look into the space planning package, which has documentation in its extra’s folder.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion.
I’ve started looking into it, but for some reason the example graph does not work as expected - there are some errors in the nodes.

I think I might want to go a different direction, because mostly I’m looking at creating rooms based on window locations. Is there a way to create a bubble-chart in dynamo? Or some way to slowly grow shapes until they collide?