System Family (walls, Floors) as Parts

We’re converting Walls, Floor, Roofs etc to PARTS but need to get the length, width and height of the corresponding parts.
Can this be retrieved via Python?
If so can someone provide a little help with this as I’m a complete newbie to python.



Do the corresponding parts have L/W/H values?

When a part from a wall is selected it shows length and height data in the properties.
But I can’t access this data via dynamo.
For floors, ceiling & Roofs it only has thickness. but I need to get width and length.

Right - the data isn’t manually calculated so you need to work out the length by looking at the geometry. Look into querying edge lengths as one option.

Yeah tried that, but having openings for doors/windows adds complexity in calculating the length/height.

Did you try getting the surfaces, pulling the perimeter curves, grouping the curves, and getting the sublist of curves with the largest area?

No… didn’t think of that.
Went down the boundingbox method.

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