Creating rooms using height and width

I am making a project in which I am making a house plan for the user using the height and width stored in the excel file now I have retrieved the data from the excel file and have successfully labelled each node as shown in the figure. Now after retrieving the dimensions I have to build rooms accordingly Can anyone guide me the next steps of how to do it???

Project.dyn (44.2 KB) xlwt example3.xls (5.5 KB)

You will need to use some list lacing and levels to do this efficiently. Otherwise your going to wind up overextending your memory. Dictionaries also help as they don’t visualize geometry (once you get to that point). For space planning it also helps to break things down into smaller lists. It appears you have a mix of interior and exterior spaces, and some of your bedrooms like are suites with connected baths. Joining those into one will help. Also break stuff up by floor if it’s relevant.

There are many examples of doing this type of exercise in other topics on the forum and online, so looking around might help. This topic’s 6th post has an example I have which was recently demonstrated by a colleague of mine at AU. It not only creates the spaces but also works to optimize layouts. Limit of 12 spaces though (you have 16, but if you remove the lawn, patio, and combine the master suite you’ll only be one over on the single level).


Hey Jacob, I am quite inexperienced in this dynamo thing and i couldn’t quite get it can you please breakdown it in step by step and post some more useful links like this one that would be great. Thanks in advance

I’ll try to do a video walkthrough, but the graph (and some other cool stuff courtesy of my awesome coworker @Emily_Dunne) is demonstrated in this YouTube link:


Yes please if it will be convenient for you do give a video walk through but meanwhile thanks for sharing this link it is quite helpful for me