Hlep With sun analysis

Panel_Triangle Bent.rfa (292 KB) Hi all,
I am hoping someone can give me some insight here. I have been looking into using Dynamo too create a thermal map on a surface using the sun settings. I have created the graph and in principle it works, shading the panels (red = high exposure down to green = low exposure) however as you can see, it creates some unexpected result (ie green panels when they should be red).
This is using an adaptive component family on a mass (which is loaded into the project)
I have attached some images, the graph and the panel family. If anyone can tell me why this is not working correctly, I would greatly appreciate it.

SunAngle Effect_Short.dyn (35.7 KB)

@Harpy Try normalizing the vectors

SunAngle Effect_Short-1.dyn (31.9 KB)

HI Vikram,
That worked perfectly. Thank you.
Can you perhaps explain why your process worked and mine didn’t? Why would normalizing he vectors fix the issue?

Thanks again.