Surface sun breaker

<!–StartFragment -->I am an architecture student and I am trying to do my Project with Dynamo in Revit. I<span class=“watch-title " dir=“ltr”><span class=“watch-title " dir=“ltr”> If you help me I would be grateful.</span></span>
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<div id=“tw-target-text-container” class=“tw-ta-container tw-nfl”>I have a ​sloping triangle surface and I want to make sun breakers on this face . I can make it manuel with Revit pattern but I want to do it with Dynamo. I tried to divide face and make it with family but I couldn’t.</div>
There isn’t too many videos about Dynamo and I have no idea how can I do my Project. Please help me .

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You could try this approach…

  1. Create a Revit family of a blade of the sun breaker as an Adaptive Component .

  2. Try keeping the number of points in the AC to a minimum (to reduce the complexity of the subsequent Dynamo task)

  3. Divide the selected surface and extract points data

  4. Group points into sub lists in an order and amount that corresponds to the AC (This step is the most important and will require some list management skills)

  5. Use Dynamo to populate the Revit model with the AC.