Hide Sections in Active View

Hi Dynamo experts. I need some help with a dynamo script i am working on. I want to hide sections in active view. I used View.HideElenment node but the sections don’t hide in active view.

How about using view template instead?

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you must List.Cycle view to have the same number of sections you have, e.g: if you have 5 section then you must have 5 views to input,

I’m detailing section this framing,i only want to hide the sections current, then i’ll draw other sections in active view.

II tried to use List.Cycle, but the same result :expressionless:. You can speak clearly.

have you try to refresh the node? by make RunIt to false and run then return it to true,

It looks like the View.HideElement node does not work with the view section, can you suggest me another option? :sweat_smile: