Hiding level lines from a view


I try to “hide in view” specific levels (that contains “(” ) that appears in the view

this is the view:

following is the dynamo script

Hi @hemmanu

Your missing “Current” node that should be connected to “Document.ActiveView”. The other thing is you should use FilterByBoolMask node and connect booleans list which your getting from String.contains node and Elements Lists from AllElementsofcategory node to List input of FilterBoolMask node and Finally output of IN goes to Element Input of View.HideElements.

Great !!!
thanks much, i will look for info about the additional nodes i have added.

Further issue,
Is it possible to define this “hide in view” to all views and not only to the current?

It’s only hiding in the current view because that’s the view you’ve selected. You can use any view or list of views with the View.Hide Elements node. You’ll just have to make sure to use the correct lacing or list levels.

thanks Nick

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