Hide not placed section view in the sheet

i have got script for to do that.
actually it does not work the way i expected.

Dynamo_Section.dyn (9.3 KB)

I had created something like this with nodes.

Thank u .
I tried that. gave me error.
i attached image.
please tell me what wrongs with that?

couldn’t see the jpg image. Here I am attaching the script only. Cheers.

Hide all Sections not in sheet.dyn (38.9 KB)

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Section tags of views that are not placed on a sheet, will not print. You don’t have to hide them. Unless your question refers to something else, you should be good with just Revit.

What Konrad is talking about (under Print Setup).

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I coud not open the file.
Pls tell me why?
thanks alot

You’re probably using dynamo 1.3.x and the file is created in 2.x, just an educated guess :slight_smile:

thank alot.
how can i solve it?
do i need to have that version?

Yes, you need to install 2.x (would recommend 2.0.1 or newer :slight_smile:
You can have both versions installed and will be asked for which version you want to use when opening dynamo :slight_smile:
Be aware that any old dynamo files saved in 2.x will no longer be able to be opened in 1.3.x

thank alot.
i ll try it.

Thanks a lot.
I appreciated ur work.


it has still probelm.
for example i have 3 section views in my floorplan. i have placed section view_1 in the sheet.(sheet_1)
the another section view_2hasbeen placed on other sheet.(sheet_2). the last section view has not been placed on sheet. by ur script i can hide the last section view.
lets say i am on the sheet_1. there i want to hide 2 section views except Section view_1. cz that is the only section view has been placed on sheet_1)

Jonathan plz see my reply to abhijeetraje.
Do u have any idea?

You would have to set up a filter for every view in this case.

Can you share revit file?

Hai, i attach test file to justify my problem with section view and the dynamo script that u gave.
Sheet A100- u have only 1 section view has been placed.it is named “section 1”.

Sheet A101- u have only 1 section view has been placed. it is named “section 2”.
Now the point is : A100 all the section views have to be hided, except “section 1”.
in A101 all the section views have to be hided, except “section 2”.

But by ur script ; if i use it to A100, it wil hide the section view “Section 3” and “section 4”.
It will not hide section view: “section 2”. cz it has been placed on sheet A101.

or reversely Sheet A101: “Section 2” has to be visible, by your script can be hided "section 3 and “section 4”. u can not hide the “section 1”. cz it has been placed on sheet A100.

Now it is very clear for u.
Probabaly u can give a good solution.
Thanks a lot .Project2.rvt (1.7 MB)


  I checked. If you only activate the view, it selects sheet as current view. You open floor plan from project browser, and then run the script, then it works. Screenshot below.

u are right. i had done it.
If u open sheets: u have 2 sheets in the model.
on Sheet A100 : only “section 1” has to be visible in the floor plan. i can see ur screenshots. u have 2 section views.
that is correct. they have been placed on different sheets.
“section 1”- Sheet A100
“section 2” -Sheet A101.

Now u can see the problem clearly.
i got the result that u have attached in the screen
i am patiently waiting for ur answer