Not used section view Hide

I have used this script to hide the section view in sheet which are not placed in the view.
it does work, it hides the all the section view.
i have attached the script, and the situation before and after dynamo applied.
Can someone help me?

What are you looking for it to do? It appears that it has worked as intended. After you run the graph, the sections are gone.

Another “better” way of doing this may be to use Filters in the View Templates so you don’t have to run a graph against each view all the time.

Hai, there are two section views in the plan,only the section 1(name)has been placed in the sheet.
Now i want to hide the section 2.
This is just test file.
Actually i am working on a 7 story building.
Filters can not give a best solution(in the template)
Or i have to make lots of filter to slove it

You actually only need one filter. Just modify the Filter to work with your sheet number system.

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i knew it. thanks a lot.
but i t wont help, if u have 3 or more sheets of the same floorplan, u made certain section view for each sheets,
then u have to make so many filter to control it.
thats y i asked, dynamo code to solve that problem.
if any section view has been place in the sheets, this has to be in visible, not other section view,
there are may be in visible in other sheets.

There is actually a print setting that already does this. Go to Print Setup and uncheck the box.