Hiding a section view within a view


I’m trying to hide a section view in a plan view but I can’t seem to get it working.

I’m using archilab package node called “View.HideElements” and I get the following exception:

“The set of elements to be hidden is empty.”

Can you help?


Mind showing a snip of the script. May be a family selection issue.

Sure! Here you go

Place a watch node between the Views and Element lines. Looks like it isn’t recognizing the view. Might also be a class issue.

There you go

Have you looked here?

Thank you @dsmith!

It’s working now.

Glad to hear it. Mind sharing what it was that was the issue? This has me intrigued now…

Oh, I guess I wasn’t supposed to work with the view object directly, but instead I worked with the Element object.

At least I believe this is the reason, don’t you think?


what if the user use another name, or misspelled, then String.Contains won’t find this section!.

I have created this so you won’t be depending on the user, check the lacing.
I search for all sections in the active view (including the active view).

usualy i create different section types by scale, create a filter for all types on/off and use the filter in my viewtemplates, so views/sections that have a view type name containing the scale are switched on/off by comparing it to the hostview’s scale (eg. view types 1:20 will be visible on plans 1:20, but not 1:200’s)

Rebuild for your purpose