Hide sections not placed on sheets

Hi everyone,

I have encountered an issue when trying to hide sections in the floor plan views, the node View.HideElements it’s not supporting multiple SectionView(Name = zzzz) to be hidden on multiple views, I have investigated this and it seems there are also instances for the Building Section type, I have noticed that these instances have the ID lower with one unit than the SectionView. To get these elements I have made a workaround where I dropped one unit from the ID of the SectionView, you can check this in the image below.

I am wondering if there is a way to get these elements in the red box, without making a difference to get their ID’s, but with dynamo nodes, I have tried many options but I couldn’t figure it out. If anyone has an idea how to achive this please let me know.

Thank you, kind regards!

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As far as I understood, (for example)
you want to delete Section view which has Element ID “347034” and BuildingSection “347033”, and you want to hide only sectionview “347034” since it is not placed.

If I misunderstood, mark which elements you want to hide. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Nissal,

Sorry if wasn’t clear enough, but my problem is not regarding how to hide certain sections, but how to get the elements in the red box. Right now I figured out an workaround because their ID’s are lower with one unit than the SectionViews, but this might not work in any situation so I am looking for a proper way to get these elements.

Thank you !

So you want as element in redbox are sections and you want element list of each section (within redbox)

Hi Adrian,

I hope I’m understanding what you’re trying to achieve:

This is more of a Revit workaround but we have a specific Section Type that we use for sheets and then apply a view template with pre-assigned filters to hide these.

If you want to automate the process then I suggest using Dynamo to catch all the sections not on sheets and assign them to a specific type - then let Revit do the dirty work of hiding with the filters in a view template.

I’m suggesting this method because at some point you may want to unhide a section and that will be as easy as changing the Section Type and not hunting them down in all views.