Help with my first dynamo project

Hi, I am just getting familiar with dynamo, and would like to ask for some help with my project. I would like to create elevation, that is made out of tiles in various sizes ( ranging from defined min and max ) that are separated from each other with a fixed distance. My goal is to be able to get new elevation types by changeing lenght and height of the whole thing. I am lost about where to start and would be gratefull for any suggestions:)

Hi Kamil,

I would recommend spending some time looking through the Dynamo primer on adaptive components and creating If statements. That being said, your overall task sounds like it would become a complex script. If you’re just starting out I would recommend breaking down you’re overall objective into smaller ones, and trying some of those smaller ones in dynamo first. This is from one beginner to another, I’m interested to here what other more experienced users have to say.

Start by searching the forum? :slight_smile: